One of the primary goals of the Planetary Health Alliance is to foster and network planetary health educational efforts around the world.  We aim to support planetary health education in  several ways:

Establish and coordinate a network of planetary health courses and educators. We hope to create a registry of planetary health courses taught around the world to serve as a resource for instructors and prospective students seeking a network and exchange of course materials. We envision that building a virtual community of instructors could culminate in brainstorming workshops to discuss planetary health pedagogy.

Planetary Health teaching materials. We are developing a new graduate-level course on planetary health at Harvard University and hope that this effort will help refine pedagogical approaches to teaching planetary health.  We have begun filming visiting researchers from around the world discussing dimensions of planetary health in order to generate a film library for classroom teaching. We also hope to develop a text to support planetary health education. We plan to make any developed film and text accessible to Members of the Alliance to support their own classroom teaching. 

Online journal club. We are exploring ways to create a monthly "online journal club" that uses a web platform to support a monthly convening of students from Member institutions. We envision students participating in a forum where an author of a recent and impactful research article presents her/his work followed by a facilitated discussion with participants. Journal clubs would be archived so that they could be accessed at any time.

Electronic digest of scientific literature. We will distribute a monthly electronic digest  of scientific literature relevant to planetary health to those subscribed to our listserv. A digest that summarizes recent research articles and professional opportunities will aid students and scientists in navigating the often fragmented planetary health literature.