WHO Technical Officer, Climate Change and Health

July 26, 2016

Under the guidance and overall supervision of the Technical Officer, Protection of the Human Environment and within the scope defined by global and regional strategies, policy guidelines and programme objectives, the incumbent supports Member States to implement effective interventions to manage the effects of climate change, including vulnerability and adaptation assessments, early warning systems, enhanced community education programmes and research by developing norms and guidelines and supporting the planning and implementation of policies and programmes in human health and environment and conducting and contributing to capacity building activities.

The incumbent is assigned all or part of the following responsibilities which are performed according to the needs and agenda:

- To provide technical support for the planning and implementation of regional strategies, norms, standards and guidelines and build capacity to reduce health vulnerability to climate change, and promote health by aligning the health adaptation planning process to national health-related planning at all levels, taking stock of available information, and identifying and addressing capacity gaps and weaknesses to ensure full collaboration and efficient implementation of cross-cutting activities.

- To proactively support Member States by providing up-to-date information concerning mitigation and adaptation measures to cope with the implications of climate change on health-related strategies and policies.

- To coordinate reviews of scientific evidence on the links between climate change and health, and develop a regional assessment on climate change impacts on human health, assessing vulnerability of human health to climate change, existing adaptation activities and available adaptive capacity, identifying and recommending adaptation measures for the development and implementation of national health adaptation programmes and a research agenda.

- To proactively collaborate with counterparts at the national level to promote and enhance the development and implementation of comprehensive projects, programmes and plans to resolve/mitigate priority environmental health issues, in particular ensuring early warning systems for climate sensitive diseases are in place.

- To be actively engaged with the monitoring and evaluation of health adaptation projects and programmes implemented by governments and concerned stakeholders at the national, regional and global level to determine progress against implementation targets and plans, effectiveness and specific vulnerabilities and/or to propose remedial actions and innovative solutions to identified constraints. - To collaborate with governments and stakeholders and support regular reporting and the production of national, regional and global reports to share successes, lessons learnt and best practices as an authoritative reference to make policy decisions and resource allocations and to raise and increase awareness on the threats that climate change presents to human health.

- To actively support the development and dissemination of appropriate information packages and guidelines to facilitate community-based behavioural change programmes related to climate change and human health.

- To fully participate in the identification of national capacity gaps to improve existing procedures and introduce new practices and/or ideas among partners and key stakeholders; and support the planning and management of workshops, seminars and training to strengthen health staff and Member State skill-sets.

- To support the development of strategic partnerships, including drafting proposals, to increase advocacy and ensure that health is properly represented in the climate change agenda and for resource mobilization to sustain PHE activities and interventions contributing to climate change mitigation interventions on human health.

- To perform other related responsibilities as assigned, including replacing and backstopping for others as required

Additional information, including required qualifications, are outlined in the attached job description.

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