Why Storytellers?

The urgency and breadth of the environmental and health challenges we face call for new approaches to problem-solving, and require a diversity of skills and organizations. Enacting lasting change ultimately rests upon a dramatic rethinking of our role in the world – on how we recognize and embrace our stewardship of the Earth. The evidence is mounting that altering our natural systems impacts our health, and these issues must make their way from journals and intellectual discussions to the public arena.

This is where you come in. The Planetary Health Alliance calls upon those in our community passionate about communications to help us build narratives in planetary health and share them with the broader public. We are continuously building upon our extensive collection of research materials, and we urge you to explore it. Parse through our bibliography, connect with researchers at our convenings and online forums, and see where and how you can craft stories to share with the world.

Please e-mail us at to get involved.