About the PHA Online Members Community

The PHA Online Members Community is a free and inclusive virtual coordination space where Alliance Members can easily connect, sustain collaborations, and share "who's doing what, where" in Planetary Health around the world! The PHA Online Members Community is hosted on the values-aligned platform Hylo, and is accessible to individual and organizational members of the PHA via web and mobile app (iOS and Android). PHA Hylo users can easily find other changemakers according to geography, skills, and interests; share announcements, discussions, events, requests and offers; and start projects and groups to take action for Planetary Health! 

Becoming a PHA Member 
The PHA Online Members Community on Hylo is for individual and organizational members of the PHA. That said, it's easy for any person or organization become a PHA Member!

  • Individuals: All individuals (ages 13+) are invited to join the Alliance and Online Members Community! Individuals will be accepted as Alliance Members within the Hylo platform and can start engaging with the PHA community straightaway. Simply join Hylo and follow the instructions! 
  • Organizations: Mission-aligned organizations are invited to join the Alliance and Online Members Community! Organizations must complete an application form. Upon acceptance (new applications are reviewed each month), organizations and their points-of-contact will be guided onto Hylo. 

About Hylo

Hylo is a digital coordination tool for a thriving planet. Organize impactful action to regenerate our communities and our planet through place-based tools designed to support collective action and grassroots collaboration.

These are the principles that inform the stewardship of Hylo:
  • Seven-generation thinking - building tools needed for long term success of the planet
  • Relationship-centered design - working in deep partnership with all stakeholders
  • Data interoperability - using open standards and protocols wherever possible
  • Privacy & user sovereignty - we'll never sell your data or share it without permission
  • Inclusivity - ensuring these tools work for diverse communities
  • Transparency - our operations, decision-making, code, and governance is open to all
  • Cooperative ownership - transitioning to a cooperative so all users benefit 

Free, Open Source, and Stewarded by Terran Collective

Getting Started on Hylo

Creating a Hylo account is simple! Click the button below to join the PHA Hylo network, and follow the instructions to create an account and join the PHA group. Once you are accepted into the PHA's main Hylo group (please allow 2 business days for your join request to be approved), you will be guided through a tour of how to use Hylo. You will also find a welcome message from the PHA team. This message includes tips for getting started, including step-by-step instructions on how to edit your profile, join groups, create posts/comments, along with information about your new PHA Membership. You can also watch the recording of the Hylo side session from the 2021 Planetary Health Annual Meeting to learn more about the platform and walk through the live demo. 

Hylo Help

Have a question about using Hylo as a PHA Member? Contact us or direct message 'PHA Staff' in Hylo. You can also view the Hylo Getting Started Guide here.
Have a technical question or find a bug to report? Message Hylo support by clicking "Feedback & Support" under your profile icon (upper-right corner). You can also visit the Hylo help center.  
Have an idea to make Hylo better? Join the "Building Hylo" group and share! More ways to submit feature ideas and share feedback are coming soon.

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