Building a compelling digest of recent publications, news, events, and professional opportunities


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The Planetary Health Alliance distributes a monthly digest of key, recent publications as well as important news stories, events, or job opportunities relevant to the Planetary Health community. Through bridging the fragmented array of disciplinary and general science journals and compiling scattered professional opportunities, PHA aims to aid navigation of and engagement with this emerging field and growing community. We will rely on a Network of Scholars within the Alliance to help capture the emerging literature, news, events, and professional opportunities for our community.


Establishing a Network of Scholars

We are currently recruiting a network of scholars who would be willing to send us recommendations of recent papers, news stories, events, and job opportunities that we will compile, summarize, and bring to the attention of our broader community. We anticipate that this exercise would be a small time commitment, with the hope that scholars would send those relevant articles that they come across in their routine literature searches or are aware of from personal experience.

Join our network of scholars by contacting