C4PH Resources: COVID-19

  COVID-19 and planetary health   :    The following...
COVID-19 and planetary health: The following are resources to help place COVID-19 in its broader planetary health context.
- COVID-19 Resource Platform: a compilation of general public health information and peer-reviewed academic resources related to the novel coronavirus developed by Planetary Health Regional Hub coordinators in Northern Europe and Eastern Africa.
- See up-to-date databases such as WHO, NCBI/NLM,
-A Call for Papers on the Planetary Health Perspective of COVID-19 was sent out by The LancetSubmit a paper and help add to the field of planetary health!

  Covid 19 Recommended Reading:    - " Tip of the...
Covid 19 Recommended Reading:
- "Tip of the Iceberg" (The Guardian) 
-"First of Many Pandemics to Come" (The Independent UK)  
-"Hope and Action in Times of Emergencies," a blog post by PHA Director, Dr. Sam Myers which has been excerpted from the PHA's March newsletter and also translated into Spanish 
-"Community in a Time of Covid-19." A letter of gratitude for frontline planetary health clinicians from the #C4PH team:

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