Addressing the mental health impacts of a changing planet

People around the world are experiencing mental health challenges caused or worsened by environmental changes, yet research and action to date has been siloed, unequal, and disconnected. 

Experts with backgrounds in research, policy and practice, and people with lived experience have presented agendas for priority research and action at the intersection of climate change and mental health through the Connecting Climate Minds project, led by the Climate Cares Centre at Imperial College London and funded by Wellcome. A wide global network has worked to identify research and action priorities where new evidence will best support changes in policy and practice. Connecting Climate Minds has created transdisciplinary communities in regions around the world and used dialogues to align research and action at the intersection of climate change and mental health that can better protect Planetary Health.

The Planetary Health Alliance has led the efforts in North America and Europe by building a regional community, shaping the agenda through dialogues, supporting capacity building in research and advocacy, generating new knowledge, and identifying opportunities to ensure the longer-term sustainability of the regional community.
Bridging gaps
The Connecting Climate Minds project is unique in developing a global, aligned vision for climate change and mental health, connecting communities across disciplines, sectors, and countries. To do this, seven global development regions hosted regional dialogues to bring out the mental health impacts of climate change from around the world. Drawing together the findings of the dialogues, the research priorities have been identified and will be formally published in late 2024.

Key outputs of the work include:
  • A series of 35 videos that showcase the experiences of people living with the impacts of climate change around the world
  • Regional and thematic agendas for climate and mental health research and action
  • Case studies that capture the diversity of emerging work in this field, particularly in the Global South
  • Toolkits that: 1) support researchers coming into the climate and mental health space from diverse disciplines; 2) help humanitarian actors to support people experiencing climate-related mental health impacts, and 3) provide guidance on meaningful lived experience engagement

Global Online Hub

The Global Online Hub is a collaborative space for researchers, policymakers, educators and community groups to share knowledge, resources and experiences. Its aim is to foster understanding, encourage interdisciplinary collaboration, and drive impactful action, all while providing a supportive community for those dedicated to these critical issues.

Image with icons showing documents and maps says: Research & Action, Regional Communities, Lived Experiences. Underneath is the Connecting Climate Minds logo and

Visit the Global Online Hub to access all of the Connecting Climate Minds research and action outputs from the project. View regional agendas, case studies, lived experience stories and the team who made it all happen. Browse the library of lived experiences shared by people across the globe.

Watch the trailer video for the 35 Lived Experience Insights from 25 countries which were captured for for the Connecting Climate Minds Project.
 Watch all the Lived Experience Insights on the Global Online Hub

Working together, we are creating:

  • An ambitious, inclusive and actionable research agenda that provides the evidence needed for policy and practice to safeguard mental health and address the mental health impacts of climate change while enabling climate action, deeply grounded in the needs of people with lived experience.
  • A connected, supported and engaged community of practice (regionally and globally) with the right tools to enact this agenda, including greater capacity and knowledge sharing.

Two farmers in discussion. Alan Bramley / Alamy Stock Photo
Two farmers in discussion. Alan Bramley / Alamy Stock Photo
The Regional Community Convenors organizations/institutions are: 
“The development of our Global Research and Action Agenda represents a step change in the field of climate change and mental health. I am excited to celebrate the communities and insights that have emerged from many hours of open dialogue. Together we are rising to the dual challenges of the climate crisis and mental distress to focus efforts that protect mental health while enabling climate action."
- Dr. Emma Lawrance, Lead Policy Fellow for Mental Health, Institute of Global Health Innovation, Imperial College London, and Connecting Climate Minds Lead
Connecting Climate Minds

Planetary Health Alliance

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