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The Planetary Health Alliance is using the Hylo platform to facilitate connections and collaborations within the global planetary health community. It is free and open to the community, and we encourage researchers, policymakers, educators, students, community leaders, and other interested individuals to share content, pose questions, and seek advice.  

To Get Started: 

It is super easy to create or edit a profile in Hylo! Follow these 5 easy steps and read the above Hylo How-To Guide carefully to help us maintain the platform’s organization:

  • Step 1: Create a profile by entering a username and password (this can either be a personal or general account on behalf of your institution). Follow the prompts on your screen to upload a profile picture, add your location, and share your relevant skills.

    • A note on adding your skills: Because skills are highly searchable within Hylo’s Members page, we encourage you to not only tag your professional skills as you would in LinkedIn (e.g. public speaking, fundraising, education, photography), but to also include your: 
    • - thematic interests and expertise within planetary health (e.g. food systems, urban design, chemistry, pollution, materials science);
    • - type and name of institution (e.g. Harvard University, NGO, WONCA);
    • - degree or profession (e.g. MPH, PhD, undergraduate, MD, teacher, veterinary);
    • - location (e.g. NYC, Kenya, LMIC, Northern Europe)
    • - any other relevant keywords so that others can search you by your skills to collaborate (e.g. speaker, curriculum, Indigenous, SDGs, internship, etc).

  • Step 2: Build your member profile in ‘Settings,’ which can be accessed via the silhouette icon on the top-right corner. Your ‘About Me’ section should include your bio, statement of collaboration, website and social media links, and any other relevant info that others might need to align your areas of work and support your efforts! 

  • Step 3: Adjust your notifications by navigating back to ‘Settings’ and selecting ‘Notifications’ on the left toolbar. Here you can choose to receive a daily or weekly digest of Hylo activity via email and customize your push-notification preferences for mobile and direct messaging. As PHA’s usage of Hylo increases in the 2020s, we highly encourage you to customize your notification preferences in a way that will keep you sustainably engaged!

  • Step 4: Customize #hashtags you follow by managing those you subscribe to on the left-side on the homepage (all new members automatically follow all hashtags). All hashtags used in Hylo appear on the left side of the home page, so unlike on Twitter, less is more. Try streamlining your hashtags to the most searchable keywords and avoid stylistic hashtags that will clutter the home page.

  • Step 5: Install the mobile app & explore! Download the Hylo mobile app for iPhone or Android, adjusting your notifications as needed. Read through prior posts on the Home page or within certain hashtags, explore the Members and Projects tabs, and send a direct message to new and old friends.

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Planetary Health Alliance

The Planetary Health Alliance is a consortium of over 120 dedicated universities, NGOs, government entities, research institutes, and other partners around the world committed to advancing planetary health.
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