The Constellation Project

The Constellation Project provides a visionary space to weave new stories and emergent ways of being for a new era of planetary consciousness.
“A constellation is a group of stars connected by the imagination. We look up at the night sky and see a map of stories created by our need to understand the world around us and beyond.”

Purpose: To provide a space for deeper exploration that can stimulate individual and community awakening—a place where inspiration, imagination, and courageous actions can dwell to create new stories that can set us on a different path.
“We inspire shared stories for new ways of being through a community of care.”

Mission: To curate robust and creative conversations which give greater value to spiritual perspectives and emotional relationships in solving our grand challenges.

“We nurture a connected planetary consciousness for meaningful change in the world.”


At this critical moment in human history, we seek to ignite and reimagine more intentional spiritual relationships with ourselves, others, and the natural world—recognizing that so many challenges in the Anthropocene ultimately stem from erosion of these emotional connections. Understanding the interconnectedness of our health and the health of the planet, we seek to nurture love and empathy, restraint and resiliency, hope, and faith grounded in action. Our intention is to co-create a community of care where diverse voices from all disciplines, geographies, traditions, and practices are invited to contribute to a more ethical stance and an earth-based spirituality. In this collaborative space—where science, the arts and humanities, human health and spirituality meet—we hope to overcome the academic apartheid has for too long oppressed the imagination and stifled creativity. By empowering emotional connections that speak to the heart of our shared humanity, we may inspire change in more powerful ways than with logic alone.

We are calling together Storytellers who share a common reliance on Nature as a taproot to an evolving consciousness. By identifying this taproot of care and engagement, we can better anchor our humanity to a bedrock of planetary compassion. 

For this cultural change, we need stories that will guide us toward a future of abiding strength and presence where our embrace of humanity becomes an embrace of the Earth, interconnected, and interrelated. The Constellation Project is committed to curating such stories, each one a small point of light offered up into the night sky, to form new constellations from which we can experience awe and wonder, and find the meaning and wisdom to answer the only question that matters: How shall we live?

Scope: We encourage open-minded, heart-centered activities that elevate “reverence for life” alongside more academic analyses for more holistic perspectives. Our non-sectarian agenda is intended to promote the fundamental positive elements of humanity, such as love, hope, kindness, compassion, respect, reciprocity, and need for more collaboration, rather than any specific faith or ideological agenda. We provide an open, non-judgmental, and expansive space for many perspectives, for the richer understanding that this brings, as we seek to magnifying the common threads.

Goals: In the spirit of its aspirational principles of co-creation and collaborative emergence, the project is anticipated to be self-evolving. To facilitate this, we propose a series of specific activities to encourage engagement, participation, and a sense of belonging. The initial aims are to:

  • Develop a diverse community dedicated to positive change through new narratives and creative ideas that promote awareness of the interconnectedness of all life. 
  • Facilitate co-creation of a range of narratives, artistic works (of all kinds), contemplative practices, and activities that inspire worldviews that enable flourishing. 
  • Contribute to wider narratives for cultural change through diverse outreach to seed these concepts into wider discourse across different groups and sectors.

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