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on Planetary Health

The future of our planet hangs in the balance as the Earth crisis rages on and the degradation of the biosphere continues. The Kuala Lumpur Call to Action on Planetary Health is a directional spark for a global movement to protect ecosystems and human health and create a safe, just, and thriving future for all.

This is our moment to act.

The Kuala Lumpur Call to Action on Planetary Health, adopted at the 2024 Planetary Health Annual Meeting, is accelerating action in pursuit of the just, global transition needed to safeguard a livable future for generations to come.

 The  Kuala Lumpur Call to Action on Planetary Health...

The Kuala Lumpur Call to Action on Planetary Health commits those who support it to:

  • Stand on the shoulders of the foundational São Paulo Declaration, which eloquently articulates the nexus between human health, environmental sustainability, and social equity, and recognizing the imperative it sets forth — to move the many and varied stakeholder groups from evidence to action — to carry this work forward.
  • Renew our efforts working at all levels with all stakeholders to apply the growing evidence base to propose and develop solutions that will allow humanity and the natural systems we depend on to thrive now and in the future. This includes supporting the United Nations and its Member States in charting a planetary health-informed pathway for the successor arrangements to the 2030 Agenda and Goals
  • Maintain a sharp focus on human health and well-being, recognizing that the boundaries between humans and all life with which we share this planet are interwoven and consequently harming our natural systems harms ourselves and future generations.
  • Use the Planetary Health Roadmap prepared for, and launched in this meeting, to support furthering the reach and ambition of the Planetary Health movement.
  • Accelerate efforts to achieve these commitments by ensuring that research and evidence generation respond to and are aligned with the Roadmap’s Action Plan
  • Develop and disseminate clear communications to all stakeholders, utilizing a mix of wide-reaching media, articulating what needs to be done to co-create the just, global transition; a comprehensive shift in how we live and interact with each other and Nature.

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 Put it to work  You have the power to affect change, and...

Put it to work

You have the power to affect change, and now we, collectively, have something that we have never had before: the Planetary Health Roadmap and Action Plan. This guide and organizational document provides the framework for implementing transformative initiatives.
  This document was developed through a consultative...

This document was developed through a consultative online process led by Sunway University and the Sunway Centre for Planetary Health for the 6th
Planetary Health Annual Meeting and Summit, held April 16-19, 2024 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Over 1,000 delegates from 63 countries attended the summit.
Kuala Lumpur Call to Action  
Kuala Lumpur Call to Action  
Kuala Lumpur Call to Action  

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