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Note: Individual membership in the PHA is launching in April 2021. 
Thank you for your interest in joining the Planetary Health Alliance! Our team reviews organizational member applications on a monthly basis, so please allow four weeks from your application date to hear back from our team. All prospective members are required to fill out the New PHA Member Application form below. To learn more about PHA Membership please read the information below and contact Community-building & Outreach Coordinator Max Zimberg if you have any questions.


About PHA Membership

Membership in the PHA indicates a collaborative commitment to the Alliance’s mission, vision, and values, and to advancing planetary health by involving your communities in PHA programs and other planetary health focused initiatives. Nature shows us how diversity and collaboration can build resilience and inspire collective evolution. Likewise, the PHA strives to be maximally diverse and inclusive to all, striving to reduce all barriers to entry for any organization or individual who wishes to educate themselves about planetary health and act as changemakers toward a healthier future. Becoming a PHA Member formally recognizes your active participation in the growing planetary health community and provides numerous benefits, resources, and opportunities, which are detailed below.

Currently, the PHA is a consortium of over 240 NGOs, academic institutions, and government entities from over 50 countries and 10 PHA Regional Hubs. In early 2021, the PHA will instate individual membership in the Alliance, as well as expand organizational membership to include mission-aligned private sector, clinical, policy, and faith-based partners.

Membership Benefits

Being a PHA member formally recognizes your organization's commitment to planetary health and provides an abundance of resources and opportunities for collaboration. The PHA strives to provide members with the resources they need to network, collaborate, and advance planetary health through education, outreach, and action. We are constantly working to provide and share more resources for our community, and rely on our membership to inform and collaborate with us to meet these evolving needs given the small size of our Core Staff team.

Current and potential offerings for PHA members include:

  • Support and partnership of your organization’s communications, events, and programs
  • Communications/outreach assistance and co-branding opportunities
  • Access to networking opportunities, technologies, and ad-hoc matchmaking (e.g. customized online community platform, network maps, curated newsletter, aggregated events calendar, community calls, Annual Meeting)
  • Access to introductory and other planetary health educational materials
  • Participation in Planetary Health Regional Hub network
  • Leadership opportunities for PHA programs and affinity groups (e.g. C4PH, Education, Regional Hubs, Next Gen)
  • Letters of recommendation or support for members’ planetary health initiatives/research 
  • Engagement in collective decision-making and PHA strategy
  • Programmatic co-creation opportunities for the Planetary Health Annual Meeting and other events or projects
  • Early access to competitively-awarded PHA programs (e.g. PHCA program, calls for abstracts)
  • Distribution and promotion of internships, job postings, or other planetary health related opportunities provided by your organization
  • And more!

Membership Requirements 

Currently there are no financial commitments to join the Alliance. In lieu of monetary dues, we ask that all of our members maintain an active presence in the following ways:

  • Designate a primary point of contact to serve as the liaison between the PHA team and your organization
  • Complete a brief bi-annual Member Metrics survey to highlight your organization’s recent planetary health accomplishments and help us best support the Alliance
  • Active participation in the Planetary Health Online Community (Relaunch Coming Soon)
  • Share news of your PHA membership and keep your community actively aware of and engaged in planetary health initiatives (a communications kit will be provided by the PHA!)
  • Subscribe and contribute to the planetary health monthly newsletter
  • Follow and engage with us on social media
  • Advance planetary health through your organizational mission and activities by participating in the member engagement opportunities detailed below

Member Engagement Opportunities 

Highly Encouraged

  • Attend the Planetary Health Annual Meeting: Each 1-1.5 years the PHA hosts the global Planetary Health Annual Meeting (PHAM) for members and others in the planetary health community to convene around planetary health science and solutions. We strongly encourage members to send 1-3 representatives to each PHAM, which always includes a PHA Membership Meeting. The 2021 PHAM will take the form of a virtual Planetary Health Week in April 2021. Please email Jeremy Pivor ( if you are interested in sponsoring the 2021 PHAM or contributing to the program agenda.

  • Participate in your Regional Hub: Get involved with your local PHA Regional Hub to advance local efforts in planetary health research, education, policy, outreach, and more! Please reach out to Jeremy Pivor ( for more information about the PHA’s Regional Hub Network and potential leadership opportunities.

  • Next Generation Network: Encourage students and early career professionals to join the PHA’s Next Generation Network! This includes starting or joining a planetary health student club at your school or university, applying to the Planetary Health Campus Ambassador program, or representing the youth voice in your Regional Hub.

  • Educators for Planetary Health: Get involved in planetary health education by participating in or leading one of the education-by-level working groups (e.g. K-12, undergraduate, and graduate), by creating new programming at your home institution, or advocating for the integration of planetary health curricula. If you currently host or know of any planetary health educational offering or resource, please contribute to our emerging Education Resource Database here!

  • Clinicians for Planetary Health: If your institution includes or interacts with a network of doctors, nurses, or other healthcare practitioners/healers, encourage them to join the Clinicians for Planetary Health (C4PH) initiative! Those who sign up will receive periodic newsletters with updates and opportunities for involvement, including virtual community calls and the co-creation of planetary health patient education materials.

  • Create a Project or Affinity Group: As a broad and transdisciplinary field and movement, planetary health requires a diversity of practitioners to adapt planetary health to their specific area of expertise and start collaborative projects. If you don't resonate with any of the existing groups above, or simply want to start a new affinity group within planetary health, we invite you to co-create a new project or affinity group! Facilitation of these working groups will be made easy with the revamped online community coming soon, but until then, please email us with your interest at

  • Planetary Health in Action: Members are always encouraged to take planetary health action, whether that includes reforming your institution’s policies to align with planetary health values, leveraging the PHA Membership in calls-to-action, or movement-building in your community


  • (Co)host an Event: We encourage you to host an event to spread the word about planetary health to your local communities. Feel free to utilize these introductory materials and contact us for more suggestions. View past events hosted by the Planetary Health Alliance for ideas.

  • Write for our Blog: Write a blog post highlighting your organization’s work in planetary health or anything else that you’d like to share. Read our blog post guidelines and view past entries here.

  • Translate and Adapt: Members of our global community are encouraged to translate and adapt existing planetary health materials into their native language or cultural and disciplinary contexts. Please get in touch about your ideas and needs!

    . . . and more! Get creative and collaborative!

Planetary Health Alliance

The Planetary Health Alliance is a consortium of over 120 dedicated universities, NGOs, government entities, research institutes, and other partners around the world committed to advancing planetary health.
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