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About PHA Membership
PHA membership indicates your commitment to the Alliance’s mission, vision and values and to advancing Planetary Health by engaging your work, studies, or community in PHA initiatives and other Planetary Health efforts. Becoming a PHA Member formally recognizes your active participation in the growing community of Planetary Health and provides numerous benefits, resources, and opportunities, detailed below.

Just as diversity and collaboration in Nature builds resilience and inspires collective evolution, the PHA aims to foster a maximally diverse and inclusive community, open to all who wish to educate themselves about Planetary Health and act as changemakers toward a healthier future.
   Learn More: PHA Membership PDF       Membership at a...
Learn More: PHA Membership PDF

Membership at a Glance:
  • Both individuals and organizations can formally join the PHA
  • There are no financial commitments to joining the Alliance at this time
  • Diversity across geographies, generations, disciplines, and worldviews is encouraged 
  • All members have exclusive access to the PHA Online Member Community on Hylo. Learn more.

Membership by the Numbers:
  • The PHA currently comprises more than 400 organizations from over 70 countries
  • 25% of organizational members are from LMICs
  • View current organizational members here.

Please Note: The viewpoints and policies of member organizations and individuals may not represent the official position of the Planetary Health Alliance.  
We Asked, You Answered: What are our members doing?
The following responses were submitted via our 2023 Annual Members Survey.
Become a PHA Member
Eligibility & Onboarding
The onboarding process varies slightly for individuals and organizations. Not sure how to begin? Join as an individual while you gather support from your organization. Questions? Contact us.
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Join as an Individual

Eligibility: All individuals (ages 13+) committed to Planetary Health science, solutions, and values are welcomed to join the Alliance. Individuals who are affiliated with organization(s) are encouraged to join the PHA as individuals, in addition to their affiliation with organizational membership.  

To Join: Individual membership in the PHA is granted through Hylo, the PHA's Online Member Community. Learn more about Hylo here.
  • Create or access your Hylo account to join the PHA (5 minutes). We're so excited to have you!
  • Follow the steps in Hylo to set up your member profile, explore and join relevant PHA subgroups and regional hubs, read welcome materials (such as the Hylo Getting Started Guide), and begin engaging with the PHA community from day one! (15 minutes)
  • New members will be invited to join new member Zoom calls facilitated monthly by PHA staff (details will be provided upon joining Hylo).

   Apply as an Organization        Eligibility:...
Apply as an Organization

Eligibility: Organizations and institutions with a demonstrated understanding of and commitment to Planetary Health science, solutions, and values are invited to apply for PHA Membership. This includes academic and research institutions, NGOs, government entities, faith-based organizations, and clinical organizations.

To Apply: 
  • All organizations must submit a brief member application via Microsoft Form (20 minutes). Membership applications are reviewed on a monthly basis, so please allow 2-4 weeks for your decision. 
  • Accepted organizations will be notified via email with a welcome packet and instructions to join the PHA Online Member Community on Hylo!
  • New members are invited to join new member Zoom calls facilitated monthly by PHA staff. New organizational members will also be featured on the PHA website and in the PHA newsletter.

Membership Benefits

The PHA strives to provide members with the resources they need to network, collaborate, and advance Planetary Health through research, education, community-building, outreach, and action. Our staff is constantly working to meet the evolving needs of our community, and we rely on our membership to inform and collaborate with us on the following member offerings:

Individuals & Organizations
  • Access to the PHA Online Member Community on Hylo to easily find other changemakers according to geography, skills, and interests; share announcements, discussions, requests, and offers; and start projects and groups to take Planetary Health action
  • Participation in PHA Regional Hubs
  • Special programming, presentation, and networking opportunities at the Planetary Health Annual Meeting; registration discounts when applicable
  • Opportunities to present, organize, and collaborate on Planetary Health events and projects 
  • Early and/or exclusive access to Planetary Health education, training, and professional development opportunities 
  • Opportunities to contribute to the Planetary Health monthly newsletter and/or PHA blog 
  • Publicity and amplification of your relevant achievements and initiatives 
  • Leadership opportunities for PHA initiatives, such as PHA Regional Hubs, C4PH, education working groups, & other affinity group/projects 
  • Participation in PHA strategy and collective decision-making
  • Direct networking and mentorship opportunities with Planetary Health experts
  • Early and/or exclusive access to emergent Planetary Health opportunities (e.g. job/internships, public speaking, grants)
  • Access to resources for Planetary Health outreach (e.g. presentations, social media templates)

Organizations Only 
  • Ability to create and moderate a community on Hylo to facilitate networking and collaboration within your organization
  • High visibility of your organization's logo, website, and programmatic content on the PHA's website and in other communications
  • Co-branding opportunities and publicity/outreach assistance for your organization’s events and programs
  • Invitation to the PHA Member Organizations Meeting at the Planetary Health Annual Meeting to guide strategic direction of the Alliance
  • Promotion of your organization's relevant internships, job postings, and other programmatic opportunities

         Learn more About Hylo      Hylo is a...

Hylo is a platform for amplifying cooperation among people and communities regenerating the planet, free and accessible by both web and mobile apps. Become a PHA Member to access the PHA's Online Members Community on Hylo and start engaging directly with the PHA community!
Membership Requirements 
Currently there are no financial commitments to join the Alliance. In lieu of monetary dues, we ask that all of our members maintain an active presence in the following ways:

Individuals & Organizations
  • Share the PHA's Newsletter with your community to help grow awareness of Planetary Health 
  • Complete surveys to highlight your individual or organizational Planetary Health accomplishments and provide feedback to help us best support the Alliance
  • Active participation in the PHA Online Members Community on Hylo
  • Announce your PHA membership and keep your community actively aware of and engaged in Planetary Health initiatives (a communications kit will be provided by the PHA!)
  • Subscribe and contribute to the Planetary Health monthly newsletter
  • Follow and engage with the PHA and #PlanetaryHealth on social media
  • Advance Planetary Health through your organizational mission and activities by participating in the member engagement opportunities detailed below
  • Consult PHA staff before using the PHA logo (a "member badge" will be provided for external use) 

Organizations Only
  • Designate primary and secondary contacts to liaison with the PHA team via Hylo and other communications
  • Provide a Statement of Collaboration (part of Member Application)

Member Engagement Opportunities
Below is a sample list of member engagement opportunities, which are described further in the PHA Member Information Packet. We encourage all members to initiate creative projects and actions to advance Planetary Health science, stories, and solutions. Members can easily announce or create projects, working groups, match requests/offers, and more on Hylo!
  • Attend or lead programming at the Planetary Health Annual Meeting
  • Participate in your PHA Regional Hub(s)
  • Join and/or take leadership in one of the following PHA initiatives: Next Generation Network or Clinicians for Planetary Health
  • Create a new Project or Affinity group on Hylo (e.g. Urban Design, Food Systems)
  • Take Planetary Health action, for example: Integrate Planetary Health in your institution's curriculum/training and policies, practices, or purchasing; Advocate for planetary health policies; Leverage PHA Membership in calls-to-action and other movement building
  • (Co)host a Planetary Health event
  • Write for our Blog
  • Translate/Adapt Planetary Health materials to your language, cultural, or disciplinary context

. . . and more! Get creative and collaborative!

Planetary Health Alliance

Over 420 organizations from 70+ countries committed to understanding and addressing the impacts of global environmental change on human health and well-being.
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