Planetary Health Regional Hubs

About the PHA Regional Hubs Network
The Planetary Health Alliance is building a global Planetary Health community that crosses sectors, disciplines, generations, and geographies. To this end, the PHA is committed to expanding its membership and facilitating PHA regional hubs around the world. Independently led PHA regional hubs function as locally rooted communities of practice, stitching together PHA members within geographic clusters to collaboratively advance Planetary Health research, education, policy, and outreach pertinent to specific local contexts. 

PHA regional hubs were created as a response to members' interest in:
  • Expanding intra and inter-regional collaboration and solution-building;
  • Assessing local manifestations of Planetary Health challenges and sharing these case studies with the broader global community;
  • Applying Planetary Health research to local policy, on-the-ground interventions, and public outreach efforts;
  • Broadening regional participation in PHA initiatives.

Regional hubs develop their own governance structure, strategy, and membership; hubs may even elect to create a "branch" to further regionalize. The PHA facilitates inter-hub networking and lends ad hoc support as desired.
 Launched in 2021, the PHA Regional Hub Network includes...
Launched in 2021, the PHA Regional Hub Network includes the following 10 hubs:

Which Hub do I Join?
All individuals and organizations are welcome to join as many hubs as are relevant to their work and identity. The PHA generally refers to the regionalization methodology presented by the United Nations Statistics Division; however, we encourage all participants to self-identify into a regional hub at their own discretion of geographic and cultural relevance. For suggestions on which Hub to join based on country, please refer to this guide.

Planetary Health has no borders; the regionalization of countries is primarily for programmatic convenience and does not imply any opinion whatsoever on the part of the PHA concerning the legal status or legitimacy of any country, territory, city, community, or area, or concerning the borders, boundaries, governance, or sovereignty of such regions. We respect and value the self-identification of all individuals and organizations.

Why Take Part in Regional Hubs?
  • Access to a global network of individuals and organizations
  • Knowledge-sharing via in-person and virtual convenings, streamlined communication and project management platforms, and shared metrics
  • Mapping “who's doing what, where” around the world for regional and global collaboration
  • Regional representation in the PHA and in the global Planetary Health community
  • The ability to adapt and scale PHA resources and Planetary Health projects to specific regions and contexts
Sample Regional Hub Activities
Hosting both virtual and in-person regional workshops and events
  • Organizing opportunities to convene to discuss local Planetary Health challenges and solutions
  • Coordinating specific task force meetings to advance research projects or other initiatives
  • Hosting webinars around key local issues
  • Creating opportunities for the public to learn about Planetary Health through public lectures, film screenings, photography exhibits, etc.

Providing forums for sharing resources, best practices, and opportunities 
  • Creating email lists, subgroups of the PHA online community on Hylo, Facebook group, LinkedIn group, or some other forums for members of the regional community to engage with one another virtually

Leading public outreach efforts 
  • Creating, adapting, translating, and disseminating informational public-facing resources
  • Creating local campaigns focused on individual- and community-level action to address Planetary Health challenges
  • Sharing opportunities for public participation in research initiatives or local interventions

Engaging in local on-the-ground interventions 
  • Identifying specific Planetary Health challenges manifesting regionally that can be addressed through local action

Working with local governments 
  • Sharing Planetary Health research with policymakers
  • Collaborating with government entities to create policies that advance Planetary Health
  • Engaging in advocacy

Engaging with local businesses 
  • Finding opportunities for collaboration with local innovators
  • Identifying opportunities to challenge existing business practices that are detrimental to Planetary Health

Creating educational resources and opportunities 
  • Translating existing Planetary Health educational resources
  • Creating new coursework and degree programs at local universities and primary/secondary schools
  • Creating opportunities for students and early career professionals to get engaged in Planetary Health through internships or jobs
For questions related to the PHA's Regional Hubs program, please contact us.

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