About Us

The Planetary Health Alliance is a consortium of universities, NGOs and other partners with a shared mission—supporting the growth of a rigorous, policy-focused, transdisciplinary field of applied research aimed at understanding and addressing the human health implications of accelerating change in the structure and function of Earth’s natural systems. Members of the Alliance work together in the three intersecting domains of research, education, and policy and facilitate the flow of knowledge and practice between these domains.

In the research domain, we are dedicated to sharing data, methods, tools, and results. In the education domain, we are dedicated to sharing teaching materials, pedagogical approaches, and linking together our educational communities. And in the policy domain, we are dedicated to sharing best practices, policy making opportunities, and policy fora and workshops. By collaborating across these domains we aspire to support a global, transdisciplinary effort to understand the human health impacts of accelerating environmental change, train a new generation of practitioners to address these challenges, and inject human health as a critical outcome of local, regional, and global decision-making about how we manage Earth’s natural systems.