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Agan Leonard
Next Gen Fellow

Agan Leonard is an Environmental Health Scientist. He holds his first degree in Environmental Biology and Health and a Master's Candidate of environmental Health at the University of Eldoret. He is a Graduate Assistant at the Department of Environmental Sciences since 2020 with professional interest in Environmental Health, Planetary Health, and Environmental Toxicology. His current research involves investigating the dynamism of Potentially Toxic Elements within environmental matrices and the use of sentinel organisms and biomarkers in monitoring pollution trends to inform public health in Africa.

Agan has been involved in Planetary Health movement since 2019; he became a Planetary Health Campus Ambassador in 2021 to 2023 and has been involved in various Planetary Health research and project collaboration where he is determined to advocate for Planetary Health Education and solutions that are scientific and evidence-based. He currently coordinates public communication and community outreach for the Planetary Health Eastern Africa Hub and a member of the PHAM 2024 education working group.

As a Next Gen Fellow, Agan brings his unique perspectives, skills, passion, dedication, and experience to inspire the next generation network of PHCA members to ensure sustainability, innovation and collaboration among the diverse global network of Planetary Health next generation members.

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