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Susan Prescott
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Professor of Planetary Health at University of Western Australia , Founding Director of The ORIGINS project

Prof. Susan L. Prescott MD, PhD, is a pediatrician, immunologist, artist, and award-winning author, internationally recognised for her cutting-edge research into the early environmental determinants of health and disease. Her work promotes awareness of the interconnections between personal and planetary health in a way that inspires creative, integrated, and wise approaches, grounded in reciprocity, for social and ecological justice and flourishing futures.

Susan is Professor of Planetary Health at University of Western Australia in Perth where she is founding Director of The ORIGINS project, an intervention birth cohort of 10,000 families aimed at improving all aspects of long-term physical and emotional health.  She is also an Adjunct Professor in Family and Community Medicine, University of Maryland, Baltimore.

She is Editor-in-Chief of Challenges journal which promotes interdisciplinary discourse in planetary health, and founding Director of the Nova Network (formerly inVIVO Planetary Health), a global trans-transdisciplinary network focused on transforming health of people, places, and planet, based at the Nova Institute for Health in Baltimore, and She is a Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians and the Australian Academy of Health and Medical Sciences. She has been awarded more than $52 million in research grants as chief investigator and received numerous awards.

Previously, she was a Director of the World Allergy Organization (2012-2016) and the founding President of the DOHaD Society (Developmental Origins of Health and Disease) of Australia and New Zealand (2014-2018). In addition to over 400 scientific publications, Susan is author of several books for the public—The Allergy Epidemic, The Calling, Origins: Early-life solutions to the modern health crisis and gold medal winning book The Secret Life of Your Microbiome. Her inspiration to study medicine came from her grandmother, one of the few women to study medicine in the 1930s.

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