Now is the time to transform the discipline of public health into one that integrates knowledge of the earth’s underpinning systems with understanding of the determinants of health and develops evidence-based, integrated policy solutions that address environmental sustainability together with human health and development goals.

Planetary Health Alliance (PHA) is a consortium of universities, NGOs and other partners with a shared mission—supporting the growth of a rigorous, policy-focused, transdisciplinary field of applied research aimed at understanding and addressing the human health implications of accelerating anthropogenic change in the structure and function of Earth’s natural systems. Members of the Alliance work together in the three intersecting domains of research, education, and policy and facilitate the flow of knowledge and practice between these domains.

To achieve these goals, the Alliance will work to educate the next generation of planetary health scholars, support their research efforts, and help to forge a cohesive community of practice. The Alliance will also focus on efforts to improve the funding environment for research in this field and for proactive outreach to global health and environmental leaders so as to move this science into policy and action—leading to more robust, rational policy and resource management decisions that incorporate both important environmental and human health outcomes.


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The Rockefeller Foundation aims to achieve equitable growth by expanding opportunity for more people in more places worldwide, and to build resilience by helping them prepare for, withstand, and emerge stronger from acute shocks and chronic stresses. In today’s dynamic and interconnected world, The Rockefeller Foundation has a unique ability to address the emerging challenges facing humankind through innovation, intervention and influence in order to shape agendas and inform decision making.